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Blue Ridge
Pickling, LLC

Aldie, VA

Aldie, Virginia is where  Blue Ridge Pickling, LLC calls home.

Located in Loudoun County, Virginia, a vibrant and picturesque county nestled in the northern part of the state. Part of the Washington Metropolian Area it is known for scenic landscapes, rich history, and growing communities.

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Our Mission

At Blue Ridge Pickling our mission is to provide delicious, unique, local products that bring people together. We strive to bring a sense of community through our products, one jar at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store my pickled products?

After opening a jar of pickles, it’s important to store them properly to maintain their freshness and flavor. For more information visit Pickle Storage Guidelines

How long do pickles last?

Unopened jars of pickles can last for several months to a year, depending on the type and storage conditions. Once opened, pickles should be refrigerated and will typically remain good for several weeks to a few months, again depending on the specific product.

Are pickles good for you?
Pickles can be a healthy addition to your diet in moderation. They are low in calories and fat, and cucumbers are a good source of vitamins and minerals. However, pickles are high in sodium due to the brine, so individuals on a low-sodium diet should consume them in moderation. For more information visit the Health Benefits section of our website.
Where are your pickles made?

Aldie, Virginia is a small town located in Loudoun County; a vibrant and picturesque county located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nestled in the northern part of the state, it is a part of the Washington Metropolitan Area and is known for its scenic landscapes, rich history, and growing communities.

Founded in 1757, Loudoun County has a deep historical heritage. The county was named after John Campbell, the Fourth Earl of Loudoun, who was a British military commander during the French and Indian War. It played a significant role in the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War, with various sites and landmarks still commemorating those events.

Loudoun County’s landscape is characterized by rolling hills, farmland, and picturesque countryside. It is often referred to as “DC’s Wine Country” due to its flourishing vineyards and wineries. The county’s fertile land and favorable climate make it an ideal region for agricultural activities, and it is known for its locally grown produce, including fruits, vegetables, and even hops used in craft brewing.

Overall, Loudoun County offers a blend of history, natural beauty, economic vitality, and community spirit, making it a sought-after destination for individuals and families looking to embrace a rich and fulfilling lifestyle in the heart of Northern Virginia.

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